story + space + climate

WORLDING is a first-of-its kind research and development initiative that explores climate futures at the intersection of documentary, land-use planning, speculative modeling and game-engine technologies. It’s a partnership between Unity Software / the Unity Charitable Fund and the Co-Creation Studio at MIT Open Documentary Lab.

The WORLDING 2022 workshop brings together a cohort of five teams with storyworld projects in development, for an intensive knowledge-sharing week-long program. Each team is composed of land-use planners, place-makers, community members, scholars, and artists/creator technologists who are  using game-engines to imagine and build sustainable worlds and are also exploring the correlations to rendering them possible in real life. At the workshop, together with advisors from Unity, MIT and special guests from around the world, we aim to learn from each other, and to map out the emergence of a new field that employs 3D game-engines for community-based, cross-disciplinary approaches to both imaginative and tangible climate futures.

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