2023 worlding playlists

The following videos are selected from a 27-hour program of the 2023 WORLDING workshop, which included a keynote, team presentations, short lightning talks from leading figures across the field, and community panels structured around six key themes.


FRAMERATE: Pulse of the Earth

UK-based ScanLAB use their craft as a way to bear witness to landscapes in flux- collaborating with scientists, dancers, journalists, playwrights and musicians on evocative and meaningful stories. ScanLAB experiments with scanning technology across various creative mediums including films, VR, theatre, online, immersive art installations and more.

The conversation will focus around FRAMERATE: Pulse of the Earth, an immersive, environmental artwork which uses timelapse LiDAR scanning to reveal landscape scale alterations caused by human-centred industry and the immense forces of nature. This keynote will explore the R&D and making of the work involving local landscape photographers across the United Kingdom. How R&D test datasets are becoming the focus of peer reviewed papers in Nature and how the project was designed and produced with sustainability principles in mind. And we’ll explore how these breathtaking visuals and the way in which the audience are invited to experience them tells multiple stories about the climate crisis and humanity’s impact on the planet.

Matt Shaw (ScanLAB co-founder) and Anetta Jones (senior documentary producer) discuss FRAMERATE in the context of the studio’s award winning work spanning over a decade.

Bonus Q+A video

Matt Shaw and Anetta Jones took extra time to answer some of the questions from the audience we didn’t get to in our session.

worlding is an emergent field at the intersection of five distinct disciplines

cohort of five teams

Selected from a group of 83 applicants from around the world, the following five projects exhibited a unique intersection of land-use planning, storytelling and climate research at a pressing time in human history. The videos below are the works-in-progress presentations.

Living with Snow Leopards

Living with the Snow Leopards is a mixed reality documentary that explores the complex relationship between the human inhabitants of the Himalayan mountain desert and the endangered snow leopards. Team members: Gayatri Parameswaran, Felix Gaedtke, Tsewang Namgail

Fisher Child

Fisher Child is a multimedia project which builds on the ancestral-archival work of sixth-generation fisher child Traci Kwaai. This repository of Indigenous marine knowledge from a small South African fishing village visualizes in 3D the precarity of coastal lives in a time of climate chaos. Team members: Traci Kwaai, Kyle Marais, Lo-Def Film Factory

The Greenprint

The Greenprint is a real-world data city simulator game that connects people in designing sustainable communities. Beginning in Georgetown, SC, players and residents of the local community contribute to virtual reclamations of plantations and to building a new way of life. Team members: Jordyn Barber, Colleen McGregor, Ariella Gaughan

Our Family Garden

Our Family Garden is a participatory digital memorial situated as a medicinal plant garden, imagined within the 32km line of the abandoned war trenches surrounding Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Designed as an interactive audiovisual experience, it allows local users to preserve their memories of the siege of Sarajevo and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995), as well as their memories of traditional plant medicines used for healing during wartime, when other types of medicine were hardly available. At the same time, it becomes a global community garden – a safe space for users from across the world to plant their personal memories of social and ecological violence, while empathizing with Bosnian citizens and their stories. Team members: Smirna Kulenović, Félix de Rosen, Christina Chi Zhang


ATL is an interactive and immersive documentary that transports viewers on a journey aboard a chinampa in the ancient Lake Texcoco during the pre-Hispanic era in Mexico. ATL offers a unique experience to understand Mexico City, a city built on a lake and facing a severe water crisis. ATL (meaning ‘water” in Aztec) advocates action and sustainable practices, using technology and narrative to raise awareness. Team members: Miguel Ángel Sánchez, Meztli Cambray, Omar R. Godínez Ortega

lightning talks

The following talks are short presentations between seven to 15 minutes featuring special guests from across scholarship, art, technology, business and government.

Access and Disability in RT3D

In our Opening Lightning Talk, NYU Professor of User Design, Reginé Gilbert shares key principles for Accessibility and Disability User Design in XR. She will draw  from her research from her debut book, “Inclusive Design for a Digital World: Designing with Accessibility in Mind,” and her upcoming book with Doug North Cook titled “Human Spatial Computing,” slated for publication by Oxford University Press in 2023.

Future Worlds and Earth Observation Data at MIT Media Lab

MIT Research Scientist Rachel Connolly  will talk about Visualizing Climate Data and her vision for the new research stream at MIT Media Lab called Future Worlds, which she co-leads.

Early Insights on the Apple Vision Pro

Unity’s  Dan Miller of the Polyspatial team  presents early insights into the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset, which promises to integrate many forms of XR and personal computing in one device.

Games for Climate Policy Change

Nidhi Upadhyaya is the deputy director, strategic initiatives and partnerships in the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center. She talks about initiating a program to harness games for climate policy change with the goal to reach 1 billion people around the world.

community panels (a global perspective)

These 6 short community panels  made up of teams around the world are aimed to map the diversity of a larger field of climate futures, speculative modeling and documentary, all working in RT3D. This years themes are #entanglement, #remediation, #caves/mines, #aqua, #city, #tools.


Under the theme of entanglement, four teams (Symbiotica, Forager, The Forest that breathes us and Wild Grass) discuss how RT3D has the potential to hold complex storyworlds of enmeshed,vast ecosystems. Moderated by Katerina Cizek.


Under the theme of remediation, two teams (Villa Africana: Colombo Garden, Punta Soldato: Possible Futures from the Territory) discuss how virtual storyworlds might help enivision physical manifestations of remedying the planet . Moderated by Violeta Ayala.


This year, we saw many submissions from teams going underground, such as We are the Canaries, Rocks for Rivers and Makhandzambili.  Moderated by Sruhti Kamat.


Water, water everywhere. These projects engage with aqua in various states: from liquid to gas. Wave 201: The Unwanted Atlantis, WaterTales, Shaping Resilient Futures, Saving Cloud Forest 2070. Moderated by Paisley Smith.


The city as a living organism, organized from the ground up, as seen through two projects: play + ground, From Factories to Algorithms. Moderated by Sruhti Kamat.


A significant number of submitted projects this year not only created their own storyworlds, but aim to develop tools for use by others. These project include Designing with Fire: The Lenape’s Forest Regenerative Practices, The Challenge of Climate Change: TEK Gaming Platform, Sensome, Un-Common Senses. Moderated by Sruhti Kamat.